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All students, no matter which school they attend, deserve access to a well-rounded, high-quality education. By balancing our budget and getting resources back into the classroom, we can:

- Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers.

- Reduce classroom student-to-teacher ratios.

- Increase extracurricular activities for all students.

- Provide additional counseling resources within schools.

When teachers and families are supported, all students do better! With a focus on teacher and family empowerment we can:

- Restore trust through transparency and accountability.

- Protect the future of our teachers through increased financial oversight.

- Collaborate with parents to be advocates for students.

- Improve family access to district resources.

Omaha Public Schools is one of the largest employers in Omaha. It is also responsible for educating our future workforce. To engage the community we must:

- Promote OPS as a workplace that includes and inspires all employees.

- Develop career programs that align with the local economy.

- Create partnerships that bring community resources into schools.

- Utilize taxpayer resources effectively and sensibly.